Problem with Presario

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I'm new to the group and to owning a laptop so forgive the call for help out
of the blue!

I have a Compaq Presario 1200 which I believe has a Celeron 550 CPU, and had
64mb of 144 pin in it when I bought it. The machine would not play MP3's
from hard drive or thumb drive without jittering like crazy, so I added
another 64mb of RAM and it's less jittery now but still not perfect.

Reading around forums on the net it seems people have managed to play MP3's
on prentium 1 machines with less RAM than I have and even 486's (sometimes
overclocked but.. hey!! It's a 486).

The OS is Windows ME (groan... but it was what was on it when I bought it
second hand and has a ME Product Key sticker). This was re-installed just
before I bought it so that the machine wasn't cluttered.

I have no other processes running, no antivirus, antispyware, IM ... nothing
(offline machine).

Any ideas, please, of why the MP3's jitter, or any possible tweaks or fixes
as I know the specification is far higher than the minimum needed for the

Many thanks in advance,


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