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I have an HP ZE4100 notebook which I bought more than 2 yrs ago. The
unit came with two batteries. I used only one and didn't take the other
out of its packaging until a couple of months ago. Here's the problem:

When I put the new battery in the notebook, it indicates that the
battery is charging but the level of charge remains at 0%. However, a
couple of times, the battery started to charge (to about 34%) and once
it even powered the notebook for sometime. It appears to me that there
is some sort of loose connection somewhere instead of the battery being
dead as it did charge up a couple of times. My other battery charges
fine except it doesn't hold much of a charge. This suggests to me that
the notebook circuitry for charging works. Is there anything I can do
to see what's wrong with the battery?

Thanks for your help!

Re: problem with new battery

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***Don't even think about disassembling the battery***

Where did you store the second battery?  You should have stored it in the
fridge (*not* the freezer).  Li-ion batteries deteriorate both with use and
time.  The latter is a temperature related issue, lasting longer at cooler
temperatures.  Unfortunately the time related deterioration varies
alarmingly between diferent examples of supposedly the same battery.

Ideally, it should have been stored at 40% charge (they are 100% charged
when they roll off the production line), and periodically checked to ensure
that the charge hasn't dropped away.  They do self discharge very slowly,
but if the charge falls below the minimum, the monitor circuit will refuse
to allow the battery to charge (and no attempt should be made to do so
unless you wish to reconstruct the effect of incediary bombs during the

You will now get people posting how they have got a Li-ion battery or two
that is over 10 years old and works perfectly.  I myself have a couple of
such batteries.  I also have batteries that have lost the ability to store
charge after less than a year, and just about everything in between.  I even
have a 12 year old battery that wont charge above about an indicated 70%,
but nevertheless delivers a full discharge.

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