Problem with my Toshiba Satellite 1700-500

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This is a used Toshiba laptop I bought from a friend who came from
Norway so its a Norwegian model Satellite Laptop.  I have the laptop
and the power adapter but no drivers disks, no manuals whatsoever.
It runs ok under Windows XP Pro SP-1.  The only problem is it has a
built-in Ethernet which is not functioning. The V-90 modem port is
ok. I don't want to use the modem port anymore becasue DSL connection
via LAN port is not available in our place.  By the way I'm living
here in the Philippines right now.
I have already searched the Toshiba Europe support site for the user
manual and specs, but the Toshiba 1700-500 specs they have supplied
has no built-in LAN port, but in fact my laptop has one.  I have
already done everything so that Windows XP will auto-detect the LAN
port.  But still no go.  

I wonder maybe there are still different  types under the Satellite
1700-500 model.  The exact model number for my unit is:
PS170E-000UX-NO.  It has a Celeron 700 processor, 128 MB SDRAM, 10
Giga Hard disk, DVD-Rom drive, and V90 modem & 10/100 Mbps Lan
port, etc.

One thing I noticed, my friend must have upgraded it to Windows XP Pro
from Windows ME because I found the Widnows ME product key sticker at
the bottom of the laptop.  Maybe the LAN port was still functioning
when it was still the Windows ME that was used before.  I really
don't know.

Will greatly appreciate any help I can get, specifically about the LAN


Re: Problem with my Toshiba Satellite 1700-500

Go into Device Manager (Right click 'My Computer' and choose 'Properties'.
Tap the 'Hardware' tab and click 'Device Manager'). If there is a listing
with a yellow exclamation or red x that might be a network adapter,  attempt
to install or restart it. If there are no faults, then the laptop doesn't
have a working network card. XP will attempt to install any hardware. You
don't have to convince it there is one.

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Re: Problem with my Toshiba Satellite 1700-500

The 1700 series is frankly a pretty poor series of machines.

It's very possible that the lan port is "non-Toshiba" and was an upgrade
done in the field by someone.  I'm not aware of any that came with a lan
port from Toshiba, but they had a modem card in a mini-pci slot, and the
wiring for a lan port was present but the factory board was modem only,
not a "combo" board.  Toshiba did use a "combo" modem-lan board in some
other models (the 2805's, for example).  It's also possible that you
THINK that you have a lan card just because there IS (and there is
indeed) an RJ-45 socket on the back (normally covered by a plate, but
the acutal socket is there), but if you opened the unit up you might
find that the wires from this socket are not connected to anything (they
come out to a plug near the mini-PCI card socket, so that they could be
connected if a lan card was present in that socket).  And also, as you
note, those machines all shipped with Windows 98SE or ME, they did not
ship with XP.

remove the cover over the mini-PCI card and see what you really have.

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