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I hope I can explain my problem clearly....

I got a notebook computer three days ago and I soon discovered a mouse
pointer situation that is
Every time I hover the mouse pointer over a file or link, etc.,  it
automatically opens or activates the selection
without clicking anything.
How the heck do I disable that feature so I can click or double-click to
I've searched the web for help, and no help.  I disabled the Synaptics
driver and had a hellava time
getting the mouse pointer to work again.

Thanks for any help!

Re: Problem with mouse pointer

Roln wrote:
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Heh. Since it's been only three days, I'd simply restore to out-of-box
conditions using the built-in global restore option (depending on your
notebook's options for this).  OTOH, if you have accessed any
Accessibility Options (Start, Programs, Accessories, Accessibility
Options,...) then return to whatever you accessed and disable. You might
also select a System Restore to the one of the three days when this
problem was not manifested.


Re: Problem with mouse pointer

I   noticed my problem within a few minutes after turning on the computer.
Because I was not used to using a Laptop, I thot it was something I was
doing wrong.
I don't want to restore the system to original, because I have deleted most
of the software programs such as AOL, Office 2003, MS Works, MS Money,
MS Word, etc.   If I could figure out how to remove Messenger and Netmeeting
and a bunch of other stuff, I would.

"Quaoar" wrote>>
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Re: Problem with mouse pointer

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Is this a mouse problem (eg USB mouse) or your touchpad?


Re: Problem with mouse pointer

Hi Tootie,

It's the mouse pointer, which I guess is part of the touchpad.
I've unchecked everything in properties and device options including
scrolling options.  It doesn't seem to be as bad, but on certain
things, it still activates stuff as if I clicked a mouse button or hit
I'm going to call tech support for help....

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Re: Problem with mouse pointer (Problem Solved)

For those who have been following this thread......I found the answer to my
mouse pointer problem.

You need to uncheck the "Tap" feature for the touch pad.

Re: Problem with mouse pointer

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Sorry, I may not have asked the last question properly.

Does this problem occur when you use a mouse, or when you use your
touchpad (there is a difference).


Re: Problem with mouse pointer

pls tel abt ur Operating system (win XP/2000), give me the ful details.

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