Problem With Intermittent Flickering Laptop Screen

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I have an HP Pavilion N5495 laptop (3 years old).  For the past couple
of months, the LCD on the laptop has been flickering slightly between
various levels of brightness and then will finally just go almost
entirely out.

When it goes almost entirely out, I can still see everything on the
screen, but it's all very, very dim.  I would assume that this would
be the fact that the backlight has shut off.

If I move the screen as if I'm trying to open it up wider or like I'm
trying to move it towards shutting it, I seem to be able to hit a
"sweet spot" from time to time to where the backlight will come back

Anyone have an idea what the source of this problem might be?  I have
a fear that if I ship the laptop to HP, they're just going to give me
a blanket statement that the screen altogether is going bad and tell
me that I need to pay $500+ for a brand new screen.

I have a feeling that it might just be a bad wire or a nearly-broken
wire dealing with powering the screen or that something I've read
about that's called a LCD PCA Converter may be bad.  Any opinions with
either of those items or any ideas as to some good sites on the
Internet where I can go for laptop LCD-related parts such as the ones
I described above?

I've read something as well about a "Flex Data Cable" that people have
stated that might be going bad with respect to the problem I'm
experiencing.  I'd rather pay $15-$50 for a new PCA Inverter or a new
Flex Data Cable as opposed to just replacing the entire LCD if it's
just something inexpensive that's causing the problem.

Thanks in advance for any info!

Brad H. McCollum

Re: Problem With Intermittent Flickering Laptop Screen

Brad H McCollum wrote:
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I've seen this happend due to a couple of inverter faults.
The transformer develops shorted turns that come and go with
changes in temperature.
There's a series capacitor that goes intermittent.
The CCFL can be bad.

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If it's a TFT, you probably won't be able to see anything on the screen
with the light completely off...unless you stick a flashlight right up
against the screen.

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That sure sounds like a cable problem, but is not entirely consistent
with your other symptoms.

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These problems are really tough to diagnose without test equipment or
parts to substitute.  If you don't know what you're doing and decide to
take it apart, put a towel on the floor to catch the wet spot you're
gonna make when you grab the wrong wire.  There's also the possibility
that you may end up dead...had to say that for the lawyers.

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Re: Problem With Intermittent Flickering Laptop Screen

These as well as Compaqs have this issue.. Its a switching circuit
problem between the batt and charging circuit on the sys board.. Try
F6 at boot and let it run the battery learning program completely
before trying anything else.  If the battery is good and it continues
give us a buzz.. This is a relativly new problem weve been seeing but
We can repair the issue. I'm seeing this on all of the HP and similar
compaqs of the 2100 series laps.

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