Problem with Gateway 450SX4 laptop

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My new laptop has a problem with charging the battery, when it's
plugged in the battery software (including the battery charging light
on the front) reports that it keeps switching from AC power to battery
power every 5 to 10 seconds and then immediately right back, but it
still seems to charge and run fine for the most part.

I've taken the battery out completely and there is no problem with just
running on AC power, and there is no problem when only running on the
battery, just when both are used at the same time. There is a feature
which dims the screen when running on the battery to save battery life,
this is causing the screen to blink between bright and dim a lot, but
I've turned this off in the BIOS so the screen doesn't blink but the
problem with it switching between power sources still remains and I'm
worried that it could get worse and stop charging the battery, and I'm
not sure exactly what to do. It charges fine when it's turned off as
well, so it leads me to believe this is either a software problem or
that the computer for some reason is sucking more power than the
adapter can provide forcing it to temporarily switch over to battery

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Re: Problem with Gateway 450SX4 laptop

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The mainboard or power supply board that the AC jack is attached to is
fractured and connecting/disconnecting.  This is a warranty repair.


Re: Problem with Gateway 450SX4 laptop

But it doesn't do this when the battery is not in the computer, and it
charges fine when the computer isn't running, it seems like if that was
the case then it would have this problem regardless of whether or not
the battery is in and rather or not it was running.

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