problem with compaq n800v display

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can anyone advise me of what may be wrong with my laptop. I am able to
power it up but the screen seems dull and dark. it is perfectly
readable and you can even watch dvd films but it is no where near as
bright and clear as an old dell cpx that i have. Could this be due to
a backlight on the way out or as i am using a 65 watt power supply
instead of a 90 watt supply could this be effecting the screen?

Re: problem with compaq n800v display

On Mar 6, 8:56 am, wrote:
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I just went through the same ordeal, and most likely you are having
inverter problems. In most laptops it's a small circuit board inside
your LCD assembly. I spent $50 for mine at e-bay.
Antoher possiblity is the backlight itself. With those it's a matter
of being lucky: it either is built in to the panel (i.e. you cant
remove it), or it's an easy job to replace. In the later case you need
to desolder two leadd, carefully remove the old buld and install and
solder new one. Those would run anywhere from $10 to $100+ , depending
on the model.
Please note: LCD panels are very fragile, so handle the panel with
extreme care.

Good luck

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