Problem with Acernote 370PCX.

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Hi All,

I have recently inherited an Acer 370PCX, P150MMX model. The whole unit
looks undamaged except for this problem.  When power is turned on, hard
disk, cdrom, and CPU are turned on (via audio inspection) but laptop will
not start. Sometimes, the TFT LCD will turn on and sometimes LCD will not
turn on. If system manages to boot, the colours in Windows will slowly fade
and filled with shadows i.e. the highlighted bars will have a shadowy effect
when fading occurs.

I can only think/assume it has something to do with a going to be dead
system board since the whole laptop still looks good. Any has any other idea
of what is wrong with this unit?

Also, how do I open the LCD assembly up? I want to pry open the case that
holds the LCD panel so I can try to re-sit the inverter connection but not
sure how to pry the case open. I doubt it is the inverter but anyway, any
input is better than none.

Thanks for your help.

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