Problem installing on old Compaq

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I have an *old* Compaq LTE 5280 that I'm trying to set up for a friend.
Nothing fancy...load up 95 or 98 and get it on the net. (preferably 98
so I don't have to worry about partition size issues)

This laptop has interchangeable floppy and CD-ROM drives. I can only
have one in at a time. Booting to the 98 floppy, MSCDEX.EXE won't load
because it doesn't see the CD-ROM drive. Also, no matter how I set up
the BIOS (and I've checked and double-checked it several times), it
simply refuses to boot from CD. When I swap the drives out after
booting with the floppy, I get an error since (of course) no CD driver
was loaded. I've created my partitions with fdisk on the 98 floppy, but
can't format them because I can't get to the CD.

One other thing: This box apparently has a Quantum Dynamic Drive
Overlay. Could this have any effect, and do I still need it?

Does anyone have any advice as to how I can get this box working? there any way I can run both drives at once?


Re: Problem installing on old Compaq

Mike T. wrote:
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Make a win98 system floppy from the add/remove programs window.
Boot from that and install the stuff from the floppy to the HD and set
it up to boot to dos from the HD with cdrom support.  This will require
unpacking the sfuff from the cabfile on the floppy.  Look at the
autoexec.bat and config.sys files on the Floppy to see what you have to
do.  There will be several CD drivers.  I've never had it fail to work
with any CD I threw at it, but there's always a first time.
Swap in the CD then copy the whole CD to the hard drive and install from
there.  If you're short on disk space, you only need 100mb of stuff from
the cd.  You can probably install directly from the CD, but there may be
issues when the system reboots during installation.
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Re: Problem installing on old Compaq

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Check with Compaq to see if there is a Bios upgrade--if so, it may make the
drive overlay unnecessary.

Re: Problem installing on old Compaq

Ran into the same problem loading up my M700.

Burn a "bootable" CD with the windows files on and all the files from a
floppy boot disk.  Set your boot sequence to the CD, probably "A" drive and
away you go.


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