Problem Connecting to a LCD

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I have an Envision 17-inch LCD monitor that worked well with both my
laptop (Sony Vaio Z1RA) and desktop computers.  I have abandoned the
desktop and now use only the laptop but the monitor is not working with
the laptop anymore.  The power/stand by light does not even turn on.
But if I tried to connect it with my desktop which is powered off, the
light will come on.

Anyone as any idea what could have caused that problem and anything I
can do to fix it?  

Thank you so much for your help.


Re: Problem Connecting to a LCD

Eva wrote:
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Try Fn-F7 on the Vaio laptop to switch to external VGA.


Re: Problem Connecting to a LCD

Tried that and didn't work.  The question is why would the monitor
indication light turn on when the desktop is turned off but not the
same when the laptop is turned on?  Apperantly, not even a driver issue.

Re: Problem Connecting to a LCD

On 14 Mar 2005 19:54:32 -0800, "Eva"

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The technical explanation is that there is a pin on the plug that
signals to the display that there is a computer connected to it.
Sometimes this pin is intelligently (software) driven, as I suspect is
the case with the laptop, but is simply grounded on the desktop  (many
electronics signals a "yes I am here" condition when it's a ground
potential).  -- U asked for an explanation! ---

All I can suggest is, look at the male plug and be sure all the pins
that are there is not bent or pushed down. If there are pins that are
totally missing, that's normal. Other than that, find another display
and test that out to see if problem with laptop or display.  

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