Prob. with Norton Save & Restore related to CD driver?

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 Running XP Home on a Dell  Inspiron 6000, drive is a HL-DT-ST CDRW/DVD
GCC4244 which I believe is a Hitachi drive.  Nice laptop in every way,
1 yr old.
All of you who  routinely get fresh drivers, tell me if this sounds
like a bad driver issue to you.

I'm struggling to make a backup of my C:\ drive image with my  new
Norton Save and Restore, latest version.   I   get  an error 80010105
from Microsoft (not a Norton or Symantec error)  which terminates the
backup.   I'm backing up to CDs.  I get from two to five CDs burned,
and then the "server threw an exception"  window pops up, and I have to
throw them all out.  (I have disabled McAfee, Spybot etc.)

It seems to me that if it were a CD driver issue, I wouldn't be able to
get this far along.  Wouldn't it fail on the first  disk?
I'm not having any other problems with the drive. It reads, writes etc.
 seemingly fine.  I'm scared to download firmware and new drivers
because  I don't have a system backup. That's how I got into this mess.

 Symantec support just told me to reinstall all new hardware, but they
don't know much.  After hours with them on the Live Chat, they start
asking me what my OS is, after I have told them a thousand times.

 I fear getting into some 'inconsistency of drivers' situation and am
inexperienced with this.  I have never downloaded updated drivers from
Dell.  The Dell site says "Firmware"  "Bios"  and "Flash" and I cannot
make myself do it, until I have a backup.

I sweat bullets everytime I have to get a patch from Microsoft for

I have burned  zillions of CDs  with this system, same kind of blank
disks (from Staples), the only difference being that kind of thing is
"one at a time" and this backup thing will encompass about 20 CDs, if I
ever can get it to run.   Thanks in advance!  Chris

Re: Prob. with Norton Save & Restore related to CD driver? wrote:
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Run a complet anti-virus scan from your own anti-virus app or from an
on-line source like  Then, run from a Command
Prompt, chkdsk /r to repair problems with the boot HD file structure and
disk integrity.  Then repeat the backup. Describe what happens.

OTOH, if you are burning 20 CDs of backup, you need to have 20 x 700MB =
14 GB of free, contiguous disk space for the entire backup cache before
burning.  The error might be that you do not have 14GB of contiguous (no
spaces occupied by other files) disk space.  If you have that space
available, it might not be contiguous (no spaces occupied by other
files), and you need to do a serious defrag.

Microsoft patches are not the problem, IMO. Do not 'sweat bullets'
unless you have no antivirus, no personal firewall, and do no regular
disk scans. If you insist to 'sweat bullets, remove your HD, connect it
to a desktop and copy off all of your files to another HD.  Then do what
I recommended in the first paragraph. (I would run chkdsk before copying
anything, since if the HD file structure and file indices are corrupt,
the copy will also be corrupt.)


Re: Prob. with Norton Save & Restore related to CD driver?

Thank you. I ran  a new McAfee virus scan with new signatures, then :
chdkdsk /f   came out clean, all 5 stages.  Then I ran defrag and the
report looks good, perhaps however the page file might be smallish.  ??
 Here is the report.
The analyze function created this report and said "no need to defrag"
though I suppose I could.    The backup creation onto CDs just flies
along rapidly until it crashes.  From two to 5 CD disks get written,
then boom!

Volume (C:)
    Volume size                                = 52.45 GB
    Cluster size                               = 4 KB
    Used space                                 = 14.17 GB
    Free space                                 = 38.28 GB
    Percent free space                         = 72 %

Volume fragmentation
    Total fragmentation                        = 8 %
    File fragmentation                         = 16 %
    Free space fragmentation                   = 0 %

File fragmentation
    Total files                                = 58,815
    Average file size                          = 304 KB
    Total fragmented files                     = 6,260
    Total excess fragments                     = 20,963
    Average fragments per file                 = 1.35

Pagefile fragmentation
    Pagefile size                              = 1.49 GB
    Total fragments                            = 1

Folder fragmentation
    Total folders                              = 5,476
    Fragmented folders                         = 401
    Excess folder fragments                    = 1,266

Master File Table (MFT) fragmentation
    Total MFT size                             = 71 MB
    MFT record count                           = 64,419
    Percent MFT in use                         = 88 %
    Total MFT fragments                        = 3

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