Print Server Recommendations...?

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I do not have a server. I use two laptops,running on a wireless router
through cable modem. I have to plug into my USB port to use my printer.
I bought a Cyber Link TRT router with a usb print server from TigerDirect.

The installation instructions left a lot to be desired. I had to call
a professional computer technician to install the router. (cost $80.00)
The technician was able to get the internet access operable, but he
could not get the USB print server operable.

I phoned the support line at Cyber Link. Told them I needed a walk
through to get the print server working, after being switched to 3
different people, they took my phone number and said they would call me
right back. I'm still waiting for them to call.

Any suggestions on a good "wireless router w/ USB print server" ???

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