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Just wondered if any one has ever used an IBM THINKPAD 390X 400mhz 64Mb RAM?
Got 2 of them off ebay for 166.00 each is this a good price?

I was also wondering what would be the best way to beef them up a bit on
the cheap?.

I was thinking that for about 100 I would probably be able to get 256Mb
RAM + 7200 hard drive second hand.

I would be grateful for any help.



Re: Price check plz!

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That works out to about $300 US, so if you paid $300 each, that was a
bit too much to be a great deal - I think it would be an OK deal in
the US if they were pristine and included everything.  I've been told
that Thinkpads can be pricier in the UK for some reason.

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More RAM and a faster HD are the right way to go (IMHO) though you may
want to watch the prices on eBay a bit to see what is reasonable.

Here's a group devoted to thinkpads:

There's also a mailing list with a lot of knowledgable folks. If you
want to subscribe to the mailing list, visit the page:

Or visit the archives here: /


Re: Price check plz!

Everything to do with computers or arcades seem to be more expensive in
the u.k unfortunately :-( .

I don't mind paying a bit over the normal price as they're refurbished
with 30 day warranty etc. At least I know that as the guy has more than
2 of them to sell, that they won't be stolen off of some poor sod down
at the local pub ;-)

Thanks for the info though especialy the group for thinkpads, that
should make it easier when they decide to go tits up LOL.


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Re: Price check plz!

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Note the new URL for the forums:



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