Presario V2000 dead!

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Hey all

I came home to my Compaq presario V2000 laptop which had been on a few
hours to find instead of being in 'suspend' mode as I would have
expected, the machine was still fully on and was belching out hot air
from the cooling vent.

Trying to interact with the machine - keyboard or mouse -  caused it to
lock up and made a constant high pitched beep. My only option was to
power it down manually using the on/off switch. Tried to switch it back
on, and nothing. No lights to say it was charging, no response from the
power key.

As I had a deadline, I rushed it to the nearest place (PC world, ugh)
who tested the power brick (OK) and diagnosed the problem as a busted
inverter. Does this sound right? I've now had to replace the machine as
I couldn't wait for a repair (nor did it make much sense at the quoted
=A3500+) but i was wondering if my Compaq is a lost cause for the dump
or would it be something I could look into repairing myself? I'm fairly
confident with most things, for example replacing laptop hard drives
(and pulling the one out of my dead machine!).

Any help or advice appreciated.


Re: Presario V2000 dead!

dan_xtc wrote:

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The correct UK English word to describe this is "bollocks". If the
machine is not powering up at all, it is something considerably more
serious than the inverter, and UKP500 for an inverter is worse than
highway robbery; more like highway rape/murder.

They might mean the DC/DC board.

This type of equipment is repairable only at the subassembly level
(excluding minor mechanical things such as broken power jacks). So sure
you can swap major functional blocks - RAM, HDD, optical drive, DC/DC
board [if separate], but you have to find them first.

Re: Presario V2000 dead! wrote:

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I suspected as much.

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So it looks like a fairly lost cause then!? Wonder if any budding
electronic's buffs wanna take it off my hands!

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