Presario 2700 (2701US) Wont Start!!

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I have a Presario 2700 series that my uncle said he couldnt get to
start up.  I plugged in the cord and the when i press the power button
the two leds on the Right side blink green and shut off and a Orange
LED on the right side near the mouse pad with a Battery Icon symbol
flashes for about 2 seconds.  No fans come on or anything else.  I have
even tried removeing the battery and powering on and still get the same

I am trying to figure out if any of this is related to the heat issue
mentioned on the board..or if this is more of a battery   replacement
issue, or something else entirely different.

If someone has seen this issue before or can at least point me in the
right direction i would be greatly appriciated.

Re: Presario 2700 (2701US) Wont Start!!

I have no idea what a 2700 looks like, so "the two leds on the Right
side " means nothing to me, but I used to work on Compaq laptops.
I don't know what the red/green LED's indicate : can you describe? Disk
activity ? Power ? Battery ? Might it be in standby and a dead display ?

Have you tried  unplugging the power  and removing the battery. Leave it
for 15 minutes/ overnight to be sure that the PC has drained.  Then plug
into AC without the battery. From that state, do you see anything at all
on the screen on power-up ? Logo , BIOS message etc?
Can you enter BIOS ? (F10). If OK, may be just a bad battery. If not,
let us know more info.

Generic troubleshooting flow here:
Does not Startup or Boot
Compaq Presario 2700US Notebook PC

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Re: Presario 2700 (2701US) Wont Start!!

Hello everybody,
i have the same machine, i've been using mine for 4 years now and i
just solved the heat/loose heatsink stand off problem.

i have the service manual in pdf, give me your email address my email
is jkahng71 at gmail dot com

1. i'm running mine with the battery removed. so it shouldn't be a
problem with your battery
2. the fans don't turn on until win xp starts to load.

3. heat issue
   - the heat issue is actually a problem with the heat sink stand offs
coming loose, while hearing the fan blasting all the time is not a big
problem, the stand offs also are grounds for the cpu and other
   - there are 4 standoffs, 3 of mine came off, my laptop freezed all
the time but i could get it to work when i put pressure to the qwery
part of the keyboard. (that's where the stand offs are located)

my guess is that if your memory is ok (i mean not defective and well
seated) it's the standoffs that came loose. i have some pics i can send
if you are interested....

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