presario 2100 not booting

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I have had a compaq presario 2100 (laptop) since the spring of 2003, a
few months ago it started ot reboot by itself for no reason.  now it is
even worse my laptop now keeps rebooting over and over, nothing comes
up on the screen. to be a little more specic this is exactly what it
does, I press my power button it turns on of course, then about 3
seconds later it reboots and keeps doing that over and over and the
only way i can turn it off is buy pulling out the battery.  I thought
this might have be an issue to due the battery so i pulled it and
powerd my laptop just using the power cable.  so does anyone have any
ideas what this could be?

thanks in advance


Re: presario 2100 not booting

Boot it into BIOS and see if it stays stable.. If so the it could be
you need a new hard drive. How far into boot does it attemp to go?

Re: presario 2100 not booting

I cannot even get into the bios nothing even pops up on the screen

Re: presario 2100 not booting

must be an Athlon model.. Try changing the CPU first if you have
access to a spare.  Could also be the connector or adapter is bad and
its trying to boot off a dead battery. Take the machine to officemax
and borrw an adapter for a couple minutes to verify or check for 19V
output on the origional one.

Re: presario 2100 not booting

i've got some threads going on about a presario laptop I'm working on.  It
was behaving in a very similar way.  I'm not completely done troubleshooting
it, but from all appearances it appears that the heatsink/fan assembly has
pulled away from the cpu.

is your fan spinning at high speed after you turn on the laptop?


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Re: presario 2100 not booting

The 2100's have a different style fan assy JM.. They dont have issues
like the 2700's but it sounds like the fan was plugged and it
overheated killing the CPU.. Sent you a post how to fix your laptop
and just yell if you need help..

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