Presario 1500 Problem

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Presario 1500US
WinXP Home SP2

My brother has a laptop which ran fine until his daughter dropped it.

Now, every once in a while, it will black out - the computer shuts off
and pressing the power will not restart it. Usually it's nothing more
than a slight movement that causes the black out. (pressing a key too
hard, shifting or moving the laptop)

When he took it to the shop, they told him there was nothing wrong
with it, and that there may be a crack on the motherboard that's
causing the problem when it gets hot. He says removing and
reinstalling some of the components (RAM/HDD/NIC) will usually get it
working again. Other times, shaking it does the trick.

I tried it last night from cold start, booted up, logged in and placed
a flash drive in a usb slot. After copying a single file over, I
removed the flash drive (using the "It's OK to safely remove it now"
feature in XP) and the laptop promptly went black. It hadn't even been
on for more than a few minutes.

Any ideas?


Re: Presario 1500 Problem

Something must be causing the power to just cut out. This cannot be an
operating system issue. I would take it apart, or have a repair shop do
this, and check out all the hardware to make sure that no wires/chips
were damaged.

Also, does the computer shut off or does the screen just go black???
Listen to see if it is still on because droping it may have caused the
screen to flaw.

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