Power up laptop with lid closed

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I've got a Toshiba Satelite 1200 with a failing backlight.  I'm going
to to still use it as a desktop and I don't have many concerns with
this situation.  I've got  plenty of ports and I can run with the lid
closed without any problems.  My problem is that the power button is
under the lid so that I have to open the lid to turn on the computer.
I'd like to store it under my monitor and not have to open the lid to
turn it on.  Does anyone have an idea how I can work it to power up the
computer without opening the lid?  I'm no electrical engineer, but I
might be able to do a little modification if that was what was needed.

Nate Baxley

Re: Power up laptop with lid closed

Put it on suspend rather than off, then wake it up with a piece of
semi-flexible "tonge" and insert it between the lids to press a key.

Not high tech, but effective and cheap.

Re: Power up laptop with lid closed

It shouldn't be a big problem, but when it's in standby does it need to
be plugged in?  Or I should say does it still draw power?  I like your
idea though, this is more a curiosity question.


Re: Power up laptop with lid closed

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It probably doesn't bother you too much but many machines develop sufficient
heat to damage the LCD display if operated with the lid closed.


Re: Power up laptop with lid closed

I wonder if setting up a flow to blow air across the keyboard, through
the crack between screen and keyboard would do the trick.  I can
probably rig up something like that.

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