Power Supply Problems

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I had trouble with the DC jack being loose on the Mobo, so I
resoldered it and
worked fine for a couple months.  Then it started
the same thing, would cut off,
and finally wouldn't boot.  I replaced
the DC jack, but it still won't boot up.
Tries to come on, but only
gets past the check and cuts off.  If I take the
battery out it won't
even get that far, so it's trying to boot directly from the
which is dead and won't take a charge.  The charge light comes on,
turns green after a couple minutes.  I know I need a new battery,
but is this
the problem?  Since it won't boot directly from AC there
has to be a problem
there too, right?  The adapter perhaps?  Testing
it shows it's putting out the
voltage, but I can't test the amperage.

Re: Power Supply Problems

no@spam.invalid (wright45) wrote:
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Yeah, now the motherboard is probably cracked.  You either need a new
motherboard or a docking station, if you can find one that feeds power
in thru the docking connector instead of the defective power port.

Re: Power Supply Problems

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The DC jack is probably the most vulnerable part of a laptop.  It requires a
moderate amount of force to insert the plug, and it is secured to the
motherboard through just 2 soldered joints.

For maximum life and minimum damage, always insert and remove the plug using
the absolute minimum of force.   Holding the plug loosely with just 2
fingers and gently inserting it straight with just sufficient force for it
to go in (!) puts the least strain on the jack.  Similarly for removal.

It is excessive force once it is in, or even twisting forces that are most
likely to wrench the jack free.  The USB ports are also vulnerable (though
less so as they have 4 soldered joints each), so are worth treating the same

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