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Is there much difference between a generic power supply costing less
than $20 to those costing over $50 ? I have an old vtx400 gateway that
I bought second hand for $200 and lost the power supply.  Any low cost
brands that are recommended?


Re: power supply

There might be and there might not be.  All judgments cannot be made
solely on price.

If this is for a laptop (one would presume that, since this is the
laptop group), if it's a 2-wire coaxial connector, any power supply
producing the right voltage and enough current will usually be fine.  If
the power supply interface is more than 2-wire, then you probably need
an OEM supply (one made by the laptop mfgr).

Used power supplies on E-Bay are very reasonable.

Chris wrote:
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Re: power supply

Chris (chris95008@yahoo.com) wrote:
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***   Speaking generally, the cheaper ones are more likely to have
just-spec'd, or even under-spec'd, components. The other side of that is
that the manufacturers' ones will be more likely to have some charge for
the name included.

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***   I would look for a used manufacturer's unit. Barring that, go for a
mid-priced one with the same voltage, connector and polarity, and the
same, or higher, current rating.

         Richard Bonner
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