???Power Supplies for my laptops.???

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???Power Supplies for my laptops.???

My old live performance laptop (Sony Vaio) came with
original 19.5V 2.1 Amp Power Supply.

I have Spare PS 19.5V 3.2 amp.

My new Laptop (Also Sony Vaio) came with 19.5V
4.7Amp Power Supply. And it has DVD burner.

I tested all my Power Supplies with new laptop and
they seem to work fine and do not overheat.

Am I O.K. using lower graded Power Supplies with
new laptop (as the spares) as long as I am not burning
any DVDs?

Serge Stodolnik.
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libraries/multimedia/web sites.
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Re: ???Power Supplies for my laptops.???

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I wouldn't, as there's a reason for the 2X capacity of the new supply
over the oldest one.  Battery charging, CPU intensive tasks, etc, may
overload the wimpy supplies, and the results may be unpredictable.

Look for full-power supplies on Ebay, they ought to be pretty cheap.

Re: ???Power Supplies for my laptops.???

Probably but not definitely.

Current requirements are maximums.  The laptop probably draws FAR less
than 4.7 amps MOST of the time.  And it's quite possible that the power
supplies can supply more current than their maximum rating for at least
short periods of times.  So most often it will work, but trying to run
the 4.7 amp laptop from a 2.1 amp supply definitely is pushing your
luck.  However, even 3.2 amps is quite a bit less than 4.7 amps, and
while I would use it if it was all that I had, I'd also be looking for a
power supply with a higher rating.

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