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   When I plug my laptop into a regular outlet, the power supply seems
to get extremely hot.I then plug it into a power surge protetctor, and
the supply doesn't seem to get as hot.  Can anyone explain why this
happens and is it hard on the power supply?  I have the portable
battery always on the computer, if that makes a difference.


Re: Power question?

AmyW wrote:
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Three things come to mind that might cause this problem.

1. Depending on the model of your surge protector it might be adjusting the
voltage up or down to compensate for a high or low outlet voltage problem.
I had one appartment that was only providing 75 volts at the outlets and
needed to use a Trip Lite Line Conditioner to correct for the low voltage
(wrong or overloaded transformer on the pole outside).

2. The outlet might be wired incorrectly (yes it might still work for most
things).  For this I always suggest going to a home center like Home Depot
or Lowe's and picking up one of those outlet testers that have three little
lights or LED's on them.

They can be had for around $7.00 or less at the better stores and will tell
you if your outlet is not grounded, has the hot/ground reversed, or other
problems.  I have run into outlet strips, and wall outlets that were wired
incorrectly.  I have seen an electrical inspector walk around and test every
outlet in a new house using the same kind of tester and it was surprisingly
how many problems the little tester discovered.

3. When plugging directly into the outlet are you placing the power adaptor
directly on carpet or a rug?  The restricted air flow and insulating
properties would assist in the adaptor heating up.  Try placing it on a hard
surface like a hard covered book or desktop and see if that helps keep
things a little cooler.

Re: Power question?

A surge protector should make no difference at all.  NONE.

AmyW wrote:
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Re: Power question?

Barry Watzman wrote:

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I agree with Barry. But, you do not give specific details about the
sequence. When you first plug in a laptop with a battery in it, it first
recharges the battery and then maintains it to its standard capacity. So
  in the initial phase, the need for power is greater. To confirm this,
reverse your sequence, all other things being equal: first plugin the
power supply to the surge protector and only after a while, directly to
the outlet. What you describe should be reversed. If it is not, post the
specifics of the surge protector you are using and may be Barry can
determine what is so special about it ...

Best regards

John Doue

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