Power Jack Problems with Laptop, Especially HP!

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Are you having to fiddle around with the DC Plug
to get tour laptop to boot up only to make
a sudden move and it powers off?

Laptop on your knee, you boot up your laptop only to find
halfway through something you move and it powers off.

It is very likely to be the classic power jack problem
where the socket solder joint/s has come away from the
motherboard circuit board.

The repair in it 'self is quite simple though the laptop
needs to be totally stripped down to remove the motherboard
and can take about 2 hours.

After hearing feedback of many people with complaints of
Hewlet Packard and other repair shops refusing to repair
this problem and making up fantasy stories like,
You need a new Motherboard and how the board is un repairable etc.

Well so far I have repaired 180+ of these so called non repairable
92% of these have been Hewlet Packard.

Anyway if you decide to attempt the job yourself I can help.
Visit www.truestate.com/hprepair the pages are not fully complete
and needs a little help.

Alternatively if you live in the UK (Due to postage costs etc.)
I can do the repair for you.

Re: Power Jack Problems with Laptop, Especially HP!

admin@truestate.com wrote:
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So what was the other 8%?


Re: Power Jack Problems with Laptop, Especially HP!

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From what I have seen, Acer and Toshiba should be there.  Mind you, it is a
generic weakness across almost all makes.

My old Dell Latitude uses a horrible proprietary plug/receptacle combo that
creates other failure modes, but most if not all the failures I have seen are
using those corner_electronics_store concentric 2-pin "DC power" connectors.
The other consideration is that these are generally NOT rated to handle the
current they are required to carry during charging/operation.

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