Power inverter or LCD

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A friend of mine gave me their laptop to look at. The lcd is very dark.
You can still barely see the image, but its faint. My friend insists
that it's the inverter, but I believe it's the lcd. The laptop is a
Dell Inspiron 1100. It's about 3 years old.

I'd hate to buy the inverter (ebay about $25) only to find out it's the
lcd. Better to put the $25 towards the lcd I think.

Is there any way I can determine which part is bad before I start
throwing new parts at it? No, I don't happen to have another Dell
Inspiron laying around so I can't test identical parts on it.


Re: Power inverter or LCD

Steveeb@aol.com wrote:
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There's no easy way you can test this using common household tools.

FWIW, if there is any light coming from the LCD at all then you are
more likely to be right. If it is completely dark, then it's 50/50.

Re: Power inverter or LCD

zwsdotcom@gmail.com wrote:
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What? If the LCD screen is dark, but you can see the display is there
under a strong light. Then the LCD screen is perfectly fine. What isn't
happening is the fluorescent bulb isn't lighting up. Either the lamp or
the inverter (which produces the high voltage for the lamp) is bad.


Re: Power inverter or LCD

If you can see the image (albeit faintly), it's not the LCD.  It's
either the inverter or the lamps.  The lamps are inside the LCD panel,
and a new panel will come with new lamps, but the lamps are separate and
are almost always separately replaceable (sometimes with extreme
difficulty, however).  Odds are that your friend is right.

Steveeb@aol.com wrote:

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