Portege 660 PCMCIA IRQ Table Error - no steering

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Did a fresh install of Win98 SE on recently obtained Toshiba Portege
660CDT.  It does not react properly when PCMCIA cards are installed.
When the pc card is installed the only indication is the appearance of
a pc card image in the lower right tray.  This brings up the PC Card
Properties box which indicates the insertion of a card with "Socket 1"
and no description of the card, as it should.  When a card is inserted
it should be recognized and ask for a driver disk.  Since this does
not happen, I cannot seem to install the card.

I suspect the following is part of the problem:  In Device Manager,
System Devices, PC Bus, IRQ Steering, it shows: IRQ Steering Disabled.
IRQ Table has some errors.

The BIOS shows that,  "PCI Bus = 11".  I believe this is incorrect if
not inserted in a Dock Adapter.  I cannot manually change it.

I have looked for any sign of IRQ problems in device manager and found

This laptop is about 8 years old.  It is a 150 mz Pentium with 80 megs
of memory

In more than 30 years of horsing around with these buggers (74 now),
this one has me bamboozled.  I am hoping one of you ultra smart young
people might come up with an idea that could straighten me out.  I
would sure appreciate any input.  Many Thanks.  Jerry.

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Re: Portege 660 PCMCIA IRQ Table Error - no steering

1jerryrsnbg@hotmail.com wrote:
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Some older computers have a BIOS setting for Plug and Play OS, Windows
OS, or similar.  It appears to me that this might not be properly
toggled so that Plug and Play is effectively disabled.  If this was not
set, then the OS will have to be reinstalled after setting it.


Re: Portege 660 PCMCIA IRQ Table Error - no steering

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Quite a few strange Toshiba PCMCIA issues are due to a BIOS setting. So, I
would access the BIOS (see details below) and get to the second page (press
Page-Down key). From there you should see the "PCMCIA" option; toggle this
setting with the space-bar until you get "Cardbus/16bit" option. Press "End"
to update the settings. Reboot and let Windows98SE digest these changes. If
that doesn't work, then go through the BIOS access process again, this time
changing the PCMCIA setting to "Automatic".

BIOS access : press the "Esc" key whilst powering-up the laptop then press
"F1" when prompted. Older Toshiba laptops require the use of a DOS program
called TSETUP.EXE for BIOS access, which can be found here :


Also, I see a BIOS update that is supposed to add support for Windows98SE;
this might be worth applying if the above doesn't work :

With the BIOS update applied, you may have to go back into the BIOS setup to
reset the PCMCIA settings.

I can't say any of this will sort out your specific problem, but its where I
would start first before looking for other solutions.


Alex Quant

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