Polling, Polling, Polling (networking questions)

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I'm wondering why my IBM T41 laptop (Windows 98 SE) is constantly
polling the network!
The network configuration: wireless and ethernet cards

It has been especially difficult to set up both to work together in SE.
This laptop has multi-boot with XP1 Pro and both cards work together
fine, so I believe the issues are not hardware related.

Currently the wireless is disabled, just working with the ethernet card
(Intel PRO 1000 MT Mobile). It seems so odd the card constantly polls
the network. I see the wireless adapter lights constantly flashing, the
wireless router lights constantly flashing and on the networked
computers, no matter what OS is loaded, their network icon lights
(system tray) constantly blink! I'm wondering why, and how to stop it.
Anybody know?

FYI: when the laptop is disconnected from the network there are no more
blinking lights (no polling), and if the ethernet is disabled and the
wireless ENabled, no blinking lights. Lastly, as far as networking goes
all else works well, all computers see each other, good transfer speeds.
So why blinking lights with the ethernet?


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