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Hey all,

I am sure this gets asked a lot around here but i couldn't find
anything relavitely recent so any pointers/opinions would be greatly

I haven't looked into the hardware developments for laptops for the
last 1 1/2 years so I am a little out of touch.

I want to replace my IBM Thinkpad T40p. Unfortunately IBM's rumored
T43p (to be announed in a month or so) will not have a wide-aspect
screen and I am not sure whether it will have a high-quality screen
like those found on the Sony Vaios.

I am very happy with the thinkpad but here are some of the features I
would like my new laptop to have...

- A good balance between weight and performance
- Wide aspect screen (preferrably 15.4'') and good quality (like the
one on Vaios)... don't know how they are called
- WSXGA or WUXGA resolutions
- The latest in graphics (64MB or most probably 128MB of VRAM)
- Support for 2GB memory (what's the fastest/recommended memory speed
these days?)
- latest Centrino... are any new chips (CPUs and chipset support) on
the way from Intel?
- Disk space is not much of an issue (60GB is ok as long as it is

I've looked at HP, Dell, and IBM (unfortunately a Mac is out of hte

Any views/recommendations/news/rumors would be really appreciated.
Many thanks,

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