Please help--netowrk printer missing in action

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Hi there:

I have configured a 3-computer network, all machines running XP. The
initial install of the network went smoothly.

I want to connect two printers to the network. The two destop computers
will each host a printer with the ability to share the other, and the
wireless laptop will share both printers.

The HP Deskjet color printer shows up fine on the "network printers"
list and I can print to it from all three machines.

The HP LaserJet 2100 shows up as an attached device only on its host
machine. The other two computers don't see it, and I've tried "add
printer" twice on each machine. I also tried twice to list the Laserjet
as a shared device from its own host machine.

One (perhaps) important note: When I hooked up the Laserjet to the
brand new Dell E510 the other day, the machine did not come with a
traditional parallel port for the printer. I instead had to buy a
parallel-to-USB converter to make the connection. I'm wondering if this
is somehow the culprit.

The Laserjet prints fine from its own host machine with no problems.

Any help appreciated!


Re: Please help--netowrk printer missing in action

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I would like to hear the answer to this one. I had very little luck with
this one. It isn't a big deal to me, as I just use sneakernet to get it
there. And after one user had one strange shared bandwidth with someone
from the outside, I closed down all file and print sharing altogether
off of the network. Sneakernet is about the safest you can get anyway.
And with external HD and flash drives, not a big deal either. Although
you physically have to walk there. lol


Re: Network printer missing in action

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you mention PC /printer names (E510 e.g.) without telling us what is
connected to what ... but...
on the 2100 you say you TRIED to share it - and in properties DID in get
shared ?
If not the others will never see it.
If so, from the others specify the path to the printer:
walk us thru it - like:
desktopA has the LJ on usb port 1  and it sees ...
computerB has the DJ on LPT1 and IT sees ...
laptop has no printer and it sees ... etc


Re: Please help--netowrk printer missing in action

Tim wrote:
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Common printers should be set up as "local printers" on a local TCP/IP
port.  This link will help:


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