please help - inspiron repetitively eats up hard drives

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I have an Inspiron laptop manifactured in 2001 that I partially
disassembled once, and it seems that upon reasembling it, the parts
didn't fit together altogether, although this wasn't noticeable at once
after the procedure.

But eventually, problems began. the lcd display began to have
interference, which had the apearance of radio/tv signal interference.
As of now, it seems that I solved that problem. But for the remaining
problem, which I think is hardware damage, I would like to find if
anyone can give any insight:

The harddrive stopped working and, repairing from an external bootdisk,
it can load into windows but breaks down again after the first restart.
That is to say, that is the way I think it happened before I bought a
new hard disk. In the new hard disk, that is what happened for sure.
Due to the repetitive nature of the problem, it seems to me that the
problem is not in the hard disk, but rather somewhere else. Before I
decide to destroy the device, can anyone suggest an alternative
solution? (that is a threat, but to the machine and not to the reader)

Thank you for reading this passage, and for comments,

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