Please Help: compaq presario notebook hibernation / startup problems...

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Hi there,

Im new to this forum so please forgive me being such a noob lol.

Im having problems with a friend's compaq presario notebook (I cant
remember the model number).  I was asked to set up a wireless network
in thier home which worked like a dream.  I managed to get the internet

working on the notebook fine.  (It uses a USB wifi reciever to pick up
the signal).

However the laptop ran out of battery power and went into hibernation.
I went to start it up with the AC cable in expecting it to come out of
hibernation, instead of going to the usual windows XP user login
screen, it is stuck on what seems like the window's sutting down

I tried re-booting it many times, with and without the AC power cable
in but still it wouldnt do it.  When i tried it without the AC to see
if there was enough battery power to at least start up and shut down,
It started up, displayed the usual message that you should watch your
battery power so you dont lose your work (or words to that effect) but
it then still went to what appears to be the shutdown screen.

I tried comparing it with my dell laptop watching carefull as both
start up and it confirmed that indeed it does look like the win xp
shutdown screen.

I wonder if anyone has any idea what the problem could be.  I have been

looking around forums and websites and it seems to confirm that it is
something to do with the power source.  I left the laptop to charge but

my friend called to say that the problem still exists (It could be that

she hasnt left it to charge fully).

So it seems to be that I should try these approaches to see if it
solves the problem:

1) wait for the battery to charge and try switching it on
2) remove battery and see if it runs on AC power alone
3) remove, battery and AC try switching it on to drain all juice out
then put both back in.

or last but not least.. buy a huge alarm clock with hammer attrached to

wake the thing up! lol.

Thanks for any help you may be able to offer

 - Martin

Re: Please Help: compaq presario notebook hibernation / startup problems...

it could be that that the AC is dead and whats left is just the power
in the battery. Try to power it up with AC adapter and no battery.

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