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Ive heard that there no longer is a need for recovery cds with new
laptops as there is a hidden partition that completes this.

Also, I see the $30. product thats available to buy. Is there an option
for users of older laptops using the OS Win Me to use to enable similar


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spooner wrote:
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The hidden partition is a brand-specific implementation. If it exists,
it might be used to reinstall the original HD image or it might be used
to create recovery CDs.  There is no general rule.

Phoenix Firstware is a ROM-based recovery system for OEM laptop
manufacturers.  It is not a user product.  I have neither read of nor
heard of any laptop computer using this recovery method.  It certainly
is not available for older laptops.

You best bet for installation recovery is a backup hard drive (USB1.1
will work, but won't be pleasant due to speed) or software imaging
system such as Ghost, Acronis.


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Hi all,

I have a Dell laptop with the recovery option you mentioned.

The plus point is that should your system be messed up by a driver
installation or virus, the recovery works like
 a charm, you simply press the Fn + Fx key to activate it and the hard disk
is returned to a clean factory installtion state. This takes less than 20

Reinstalling XP and all the drivers etc, software manually can take hours if
you do it yourself!

The -ve is that it takes up about 3 GB of hard disk space, which is quite a
big deal where laptop hard disks are concerned. For an advanced user like
myself, I'd prefer to

1. delete off the 3GB hidden recovery partition
2.use Norton Ghost to back up my system on a recordable DVD+-RW.



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MacGyver wrote:
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"Power Users" generally advocate deleting the recovery partition.  There
is rarely a reason given for doing so.  Newsgroups are filled with
"Power Users" asking for help after doing this.


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Why would they offer this software in stores if it wasnt for users?

I have an older Vaio and the new ones have this feature (hidden partition).

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Spooner? wrote:
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Where have you seen the Phoenix Firstware for retail sale?  Hidden
partitions are quite common.  I might not have been clear.


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A link provided on Phoenixs site.

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