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 David   May 6, 12:56 am     show options

What happens if you have a hard disk which spins erratically, or the
heads are making clicking noises, or maybe everything seems fine but
the disk is just not recognized by the PC or any other tool? Since you
don't have access to the disk you may conclude that it is due to the
Controller board failure or some mechanical or physical damage, and
whatever you try to do to fix the drive is then driven simply by your
intuition because you have no information about the status of a drive
that is simply not recognized by your utilities.

But help is at hand, because the PC3000 is a unique tool that can
communicate with the drive in such situations by using vendor specific
commands to switch the drive into kernel mode - the one that is used by
the manufacturer to provide read/write access to the firmware on the
controller board and firmware modules, such as Microcode Overlays, HDD
Configuration Tables, Defects Tables, SMART Attributes, Security
Subsystem, Adaptives, etc., stored at the disk service area
(maintenance track) at negative cylinders. When the drive is not
recognized by the PC, it basically means that the HDD cannot boot up
properly due to electrical failure, mechanical/physical damage or
corruption of the firmware modules on the controller or the disk
service area (maintenance track). By using PC3000 you can diagnose the
drive and determine exactly what is causing the failure. Furthermore,
in our experience more than 50% of such failures (and for some
particular HDD models over 90%) are due to firmware related problems
that can be resolved using PC3000. You can simply reload firmware
modules onto the damaged drive or just use one of the PC3000 built-in
fixes available for the most common failures of the particular HDD
model, such as Fujitsu MPG's firmware damage, Maxtor's G-List/P-List
corruption (e.g. 'Maxtor N40P' and 'Maxtor Athena' family), Western
Digital's S.M.A.R.T. counters overflow and others.

PC3000 supports 3.5" ATA/SATA Hard Disk Drives from the following
manufacturers :- Maxtor/Quantum, Seagate, Western Digital, Fujitsu,
IBM/Hitachi, Samsung, Conner, HP, Kalok, Teac, Daeyoung, and Xebec.

More info - devin624@hotmail.com or visit www.7hdd.net/english

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