PC Card Question

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I have an adaptec "power domain" 1480 cardbus pc card .... a 1480 scsi
pc card made and packaged for a mac laptop.

ignoring that the bundled software & drivers are for a mac, does anyone
know if this will work on a pc?  [there is an explicitly pc version of
the 1480 ... my question, really, is if the cards themselves are the
same].  The card is recognized, 98SE's drivers (built-in) are installed
and device manager is happy, which suggests that the card works fine on
a windows laptop

I understand that there might be an issue with trying to boot from it,
but that isn't part of my application anyway so if that were to be the
only issue, i wouldn't care.  have not tried to actually use it yet, i
broke my wrist and everything is incredibly difficult for at least a
couple more weeks.

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