Paw Mouse Hp Omnibook 600CT !

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Hi all!

The mouse of my Hp Omnibook 600 Ct broke down.

Where can I found new or used one .

the ref is F1049 A.Slide paw mouse see aproximative picture below :

*****************! ()  () !
*****************!         !
                                  !         !
                                  ! ---- -!

or if somebody had some old had who would not be to him any more utility ?

I have try the COM mouse solution that work,but after a few time that stop to
function., i think i have a
thermal breakdown on my com port.

Another question : How to acces the bios on the omnibook 600ct ? I have try F2
and other key no succes i
have only a print message on the screen in hexadecimal like 6Ec5 in function of
the pushed key i have
different Hex code. And after computer continue to Boot on Window95...

Many thank in advance


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