Pavilion ZV5000 Battery/AC Adapter Issue

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I have a HP Pavilion ZV5000 laptop I've been working on for a friend.
The problem I'm having is when the battery and AC adapter are both
connected the computer powers up for about 10 seconds and then just
shuts off.

The problem revealed itself after formatting and reinstalling Windows
XP Home (Which I'm sure was just a coincidence).  It suddenly would
warn me that the battery was low and I should backup my work.  This was
with the AC adapter connected.  It would switch back and forth between
indicating that the AC adapter was connected and indicating that it was
operating on the battery.  Eventually it wouldn't even indicate the AC
adapter was connected and it would just shut down.

I tried everything from scouring HP's Web site to swapping out memory
sticks with no luck.  I eventually noticed that when I torqued where
the AC adapter connected to the laptop I could get it to stay powered
up.  So I assumed it was a bad power connector.  I removed the
motherboard and resoldered the connector and it seemed to solve the

A week after giving my friend their laptop back it began shutting down
after 10 seconds with the AC adapter connected.  This time I replaced
the AC connector on the motherboard with a new one.  When I turned on
the computer it powered up and shut down ~10 seconds later.  Every once
in a while the lighting bolt lights up for a few seconds indicating the
battery is being charged and then shuts off.  I put a meter on the AC
adapter and it seems to be providing the proper, steady power.  I
thought I did this before (maybe I didn't) but when I pulled the
battery this time and powered up the computer it worked fine.

In case I droned someone into confusion: I'm wondering why the computer
will only stay powered up with the battery removed.

Has anyone ever experienced this?

Could the AC adapter be bad and only fail when the battery draws power
from it?  Is the dead battery causing some kind of short in the system?
 Is the motherboard component that controls the switching between AC
and battery power screwed up?

What should I replace first?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kevin G

Sorry for the rambling, it's late.

Re: Pavilion ZV5000 Battery/AC Adapter Issue wrote:
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I've seen, and heard of bad batteries doing evil things. One of my
colleagues (who can actually replace surface mount chips by hand) has a
motto. Either run with a good battery, or no battery. (If you define
Dead to mean non-chargable, instead of simply discharged)

Before you warm up that iron again, ask if he's be willing to run
without a battery.

Re: Pavilion ZV5000 Battery/AC Adapter Issue

Thanks for the response.  I ordered a new battery since it needed one
anyhow.  We'll see what happens.

Thanks again,

Kevin G

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Re: Pavilion ZV5000 Battery/AC Adapter Issue

On Jan 26, 4:16 pm, wrote:
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The new battery seemed to do the trick.  It's been about 10 days and
no problems so far.

Thanks again for your help.

Kevin G

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