Pavilion ZT1000 Memory Latches

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HP Pavilion Notebook ZT1000 1.06 GHz (refurbished model purchased in

512 + 256 MB Memory

The bottom RAM socket latches broke after a few chip changes.  They bent
permanently after a while and then snapped.  They were made of a very
cheap-feeling plastic.  In fact, they never seemed to seat the RAM
module very well in the first place.  The computer would crash a lot
because the module wouldn't stay in properly.  

I am still able to use the laptop with 512 MB in the other socket (under
the keyboard), which has metal latches and is much sturdier.  Is there a
way I can seat the 256 MB memory without having a major repair done?  
I'm not very good at soldering.  It's still a decent computer for what I

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