Pavilion ze1230 - help!

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I have a HP Pavilion ze1230 and it has been giving me problems for a
while.  Iím desperate to figure this out; if it was a desktop I think
I could narrow the problem down easier.
    When I first got is a few years back everything was fine and I put XP
pro on it with no problems.  About 1 year ago it started to blue
screen and when it was cold it would blue screen and restart about 5
times until it finally stayed on.  I donít recall doing anything
specifically to trigger this.  I like to keep the latest Microsoft
updates on it but that is about it.
    I recently wanted to get it back running right so I was told it could
be a memory or hard drive problem.  I purchased two 256MB memory
modules and a new 40GB drive.  They didnít work.  I loaded XP Pro
with no problems and then it started again after I let it sit for a
few hours.  The only thing I use additionally is a D-Link DWL 650+
wireless PCMCIA NIC.  Here are my problems:

1.    The computer will blue-screen and reboot several times with a
ďMemory_ManagementĒ error among others.
2.    Although I have two 256MB memory modules, it is only seeing one of
3.    I donít know how to update the BIOS other than going out and
spending more money on an external floppy, which I donít want to do.

This is what I have tried:

1.    I have searched for all updated drivers because from what I have
read it is a driver problem.  It is hard finding drivers Iím
confident in.
2.    Iím running Norton Anti-Virus and Spysweeper.  I donít know if
those could have any effect.
3.    Hard Drive and RAM replacement.
4.    Several OS reloads
5.    Contacting HP with the normal ďsend it inĒ reply.

If someone could point me in the right direction I would be a VERY
happy camper. - Gadgets, Computer Hardware and Electronics Forums

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