Panasonic's new Toughbooks

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These new notebooks seem pretty cool. My current "notebook" which
weights in at 10lbs really has me grumbling for one of these
panasonics. Something about a "rugged" notebook is pretty appealing
when you haul your computer around with you everyplace you go.

"Panasonic has introduced a pair of rugged laptops that are not only
stylish, but also light. The sub-four pound Toughbook CF-T5 and CF-W5
have magnesium-alloy cases and can withstand shock, drops and
compression. Company representatives showed off the laptops on video
and even flipped open the very small optical drive." /

Re: Panasonic's new Toughbooks

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I had an unfortunate encounter with the Panasonic Toughbook support site
just last week.
A poster here was asking where to find drivers for the GSM module in his

Go have a look. Even better, try it in Firefox: /

If you've got a slow connection you might be lucky enough to see the Machine
/ Category selection boxes for half a second..

Re: Panasonic's new Toughbooks

Carl Farrington wrote:
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Agreed! They use some sort of spastic java thing I think, that will not
render in Firefox. I have used IE to get into the driver downloads with
some luck. A better bet is to try Panasonic Canada; much more
user-friendly site. Good luck. The laptops may be cool, but the support
has to be top-notch, especially at the prices they ask for the machines!

Re: Panasonic's new Toughbooks

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Ah, the regional panasonic sites are indeed a bit better. The UK site seems
fairly reasonable too.

Re: Panasonic's new Toughbooks

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I purchased a Panasonic CF-25 seven years ago and found the support to
be lacking- to put it mildly. This included a major "attitude problem"
on the part of several of the reps. I spoke with. (They made me feel
almost  as if I were calling them at home during their off-hours).
Don't know what the its been like recently.
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