Panasonic CF-25 Problems

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I am having the following problems with a Panasonic CF-25 LJF8EAM
(Almost 10 yrs. old):

1. The LED batt. indicator remains orange (steady when the computer is
off and blinking when it is on) despite the presence of a
fully-charged Ni-Mih batt. The power meter says "Unknown remaining"
and batt. "not present".

Despite this, the computer _will_ run exclusively from this batt.

I have fully charged and discharged the batt. twice in a _dif._ CF-25
which did recognize it ( the LED was steady-orange until the batt. was
fully-charged, when it turned steady-green.). When returning the batt.
to the CF-25 in question, however, I got the same problem.

2. The volume control does not seem to work.  

The sounds of dialing and connecting with a PCMICA modem are terribly
loud. Lowering and muting with the volume control did nothing.
Turning-off the "speaker volume" in the modem settings in control
panel also did not work. Finally, I disabled (all) sound in the BIOS
settings. That worked.

3. The reset button does not seem to work. (Supposed to be used when
the system freezes)

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