P4 CPU from laptop to desktop

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Can any one tell  me a problem with subtituting a
P4 MOBILE 3.06 GHz 478 533MHz FSB SL7NA CPU
 for a      P4 3.06 GHz 478 533Mhz FSB SL6PG CPU.

Both support Hyper-Threading and both are 478-pin.

I have a crap GA-8SIMLH 3.0 MotherBoard and the Gigabyte site tells me
it supports the SL6PG
but i can get a SL7NA much cheaper.
Im more wondering about the added features the SL7NA has such as power
saving and if they could affect the MB Adversley.

To me, they seem the same- but i know shit all about Laptops.

Any advice or comments are apperciated.

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