Overclocking Dell XPS Notebooks ??????

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How exactly would one overclock a Dell XPS?  Through the BIOS?   How would
the heat generation be handled?

thanks in advance

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Re: Overclocking Dell XPS Notebooks ??????

Nomad wrote:
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This is truly one of those, "if you have to ask, you shouldn't be doing it"


Re: Overclocking Dell XPS Notebooks ??????

I am not exactly sure, but I am pretty sure you can't without actually
manipulating the motherboard. Most vendors don't want you getting any
more performance than you paid for. Heat would be a problem,
considering a quarter probably overheat just on their own. I don't
think it is a good or easy idea. I asked on an overclocking group about
my HP desktop, it wasn't possible as it would appear with most "brand
name" computers. I would be suprised if a "brand name" laptop would be
possible. However if it had a centrino processor or similar you can fix
the speed to full processor level. This is mostly the setting in a full
power or running off mains power profile. It will differ on the process
depending on the laptop. I don't know for Dell.

Hope that helps,
Ben Pazolli

Re: Overclocking Dell XPS Notebooks ??????

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Since you posted in the laptop forum, you probably would want to look here

Re: Overclocking Dell XPS Notebooks ??????

If it was possible, you should see a multiplier and a clock speed
setting like they have on PC motherboards that allow you to set

On a Dell, I have yet to see it on a laptop of all places, I don't
think any large PC maker would allow that in their BIOS on laptops
for liability purposes and just think of the possible hardware
malfunctions and increase service calls for this.  

Where did you think this was possible or just curious?

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