Over heating and noisy

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My HP Pavilion laptop is now over 2 years old

Proplem im having is it keeps getting red hot and the fan is noisy as

Anyone know of a fix? HP Just fob me off with a load of crap

Re: Over heating and noisy

On Thu, 5 Aug 2010 17:27:05 -0500, davidmbeckham2005

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They probably intended to blow you off ;-)
And that may well be the cure for your problem !
(Dust collection, causing bad airflow, thus overheating.)

met vriendelijke groet,
Gerard Bok

Re: Over heating and noisy

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Clean the dust, hair and other crap out of the fan cavity and off the
heat transfer fins. If you're lucky it will have screws to open the
fan compartment like my old HP did. If not it will be a bit more work
taking the case apart.

Re: Over heating and noisy

On 05/08/2010 15:27, davidmbeckham2005 wrote:
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Obtain a can of air-in-a-can.

Blow air into the ventilation holes and watch the crud/dust/hair fly.
Can you hear the fan spin up when blown with the air? If yes then the
fan is free to spin.

This blow-out may cure the problem.

If the fan is worn out it may be necessary to open the case, clean out
more crud and replace the fan.
Maybe treat the heatsink to some new thermal compound too...

Some laptops are easy to open/disassemble; some are a real pain.  :-(


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