Output Desktop Video to Laptop Screen?

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I have two computers: a laptop on which I do almost all of my work,
and a desktop that I terminal into for management purposes. Because of
the Remote Desktop capabilities, I have a monitor for the desktop, but
I don't have it plugged in. I would like to get rid of the monitor to
save space, but I'm afraid that something could go wrong with Remote
Desktop and that I might actually need to get on the desktop computer
to resolve an issue, at which point I would need to see what I was
doing. Is there any sort of VGA cable that I could plug in, as needed,
from the desktop tower to the laptop, so that I could temporarily view
the desktop video on the laptop screen? If so, could someone point me
to such a cable online? Also, would I need to change any settings in
XP temporarily to clarify which video output I would like to see on
the laptop screen in a case like above? Any input would be greatly

Re: Output Desktop Video to Laptop Screen?

JStrummer wrote:
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That would require some kind of video in, do you have that?

Re: Output Desktop Video to Laptop Screen?

In the laptop? I don't. Is there something external controller I could
use? What would I do from there? Thanks for your help.

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