OT: Rogue or anyone can you solve these computer issues?

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You have a Masters in Computer Science so just for fun I have some of my
worst ever computer issues that took me some time to solve.  In some
cases I could not find the solution.

Issues below have been experienced on both Macs, PC's and Windows CE

Issues are from the years 1993-2005.

#1  Performa 6116 NO SOUND

In OS 8.5-9.x I could not hear sound.  I did everything as directed by
the people here and nothing worked.  One would think this was a hardware
failure, but when I booted into OS 8.1 or earlier the sound worked like
a charm.  It turned out to be a hardware and software failure, can
anyone guess?

#2 Featron laptop's CD-ROM drive no longer works.

Everytime I tried to run a CD-ROM the laptop rebooted.  However I could
use audio CD's, and I could run the CD's when booted in DOS mode.  I was
able to reinstall Windows 95 from DOS, and the problem would not fix
itself.  It later turned out to be a hardware failure, can you guess?

#3 Performa 6360 floppy drive issues

The internal floppy drive would not function correctly when booted into
OS 8.5 or later. I could no longer format disks, and read/write.  I had
a USB Card, G3 Upgrade card, 136MB's of RAM, and a ethernet card.

However when booted into OS 8.1 the floppy would work like a charm.  
It later turned out that this machine had a hardware & software problem.  
can anyone guess?

#4 Performa 6360 could no longer boot

I remember setting up a RAM disk once and rebooting and the machine
giving me a flashing question mark or whatever.  I tried to boot with
extensions off, zap PRAM, boot from the OS 9.1 CD, Zip, you name it and
nothing worked.  

However it turned out that the boot floppy that I had created with the
OS 8.x CD turned out to be the life saver. I was able to boot from it,
trash the memory prefs and after the reboot my mac was able to boot

Can anyone here tell me what happened, and why the floppy was the only
solution? I thought floppies in the mac universe were dead?

#5 Jornada 680 can no longer sync with PC

Machine could no longer sync with PC.  I tried a hard reboot, you name
it and nothing worked.  I tried reinstalling active sync and nothing

Chris Tilley of hpcfactor.com suggested that I reformat my PC's hard
drive. I wisely chose to ignore this advice, and later would not regret
doing so.

I tested the serial COMM port with Hyperterminal and the terminal app on
Windows CE and it tested as fine.  However it later turned out that the
Jornada 680 had a hardware failure that the serial COMM hyperterminal
app could not find.  Can you guess?  The shop that repaired the unit's
motherboard failures poorly shipped the unit back.  Unfortunately for me
it took me sometime to figure this out.  I was not in school at the time
and was not heavily using the machine for syncing uses.


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