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I have an OT question for you network gurus out there:  Can I use more
than two of these in the same house?  If so, do I need to use them in
pairs?  If in pairs, how do they know which one talks to which other? If
not in pairs, i.e. I add a third to an existing pair, does one work as a
"hub" and combine the signal of the other two?

I'm thinking of getting the airlink version at Frys and they mention you
can "buy more" after your original two, but not how you deploy them.

Thanks for any pointers,

Re: OT:Powerline Adapters

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I have no specific experience with the Airlink units, but I believe these
devices all work alike.  I wrote a short review of a similar product (see
http://www.epinions.com/content_212850019972 ) that may give you an idea how
they're used.  That model was rated at ~10mbps, but current products are
rated for higher speeds--although I would expect real world performance to
be less under the type of conditions I mentioned.  You'll get the best
performance if the outlets aren't too far apart, if they're on the same
electrical branch from the main electrical panel, and if you don't stick
filters or surge protectors in the way.

p.s.: Is that price right??  I checked online and Fry's has got one Airlink
8511 for $60 or a two-pack for $50??

Re: OT:Powerline Adapters

dg1261 wrote:
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Thanks for that pointer - just what I was looking for.  Yes, that price
is right - as a matter of fact, the Dallas Frys had them in yesterday's
paper for $24.99 each.


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