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The response-return on almost all video editing newsgroups is very low,
and I'm not sure my question isn't apropos to the two groups to which
I'm cross-posting this question.

I have a ThinkPad R40 with a Pentium M, 256 RAM, 20 Gig HD.  For a
court case, I needed to be able to do some video editing of
too-revelatory domestic footage (not sexual!) rather than go to an
editor I've relied on in the past.  I purchased a sale WD 80 Gig
external HD and a Hewlett Packard "Movie Writer" on the godforsaken
Overstock.com (please, friends, flee this site like the plague if you
value your wallet, sanity, and dignity as a consumer).

The Movie Writer offers two forms of DVD-burning: one a "wizard" my
laptop used once successfully, then froze on on subsequent tries.  The
other is a software program named ShowBiz, which also offers a
DVD-burning wizard as well as a frame-by-frame editing option.

For the court case, I really need to learn how to use the
frame-by-frame program, quite like Windows Movie Maker, which came with
my laptop.  Simply, I can understand the instructions neither of
ShowBiz nor Movie Maker when it comes to transferring the captured
video to the editing process.

By training, I'm an English instructor.  I perhaps pay too much
attention to instructional nuance--phrases and vague terms ("chapter?"
What the heck's a "chapter?").  On the other hand, there's a
possibility that the tech writers who attempt to dumb-down the
instructions dumb them down in ways not helpful to the truly dumb among
aspiring video editors.

So if anyone can either walk me through or point me to a site where one
is literally walked through video-editing (for beginners), I would
appreciate it extremely.

(And please, please, please, do not buy from Overstock.com, not if you
1) want to get the actual item you ordered; 2) want to exchange
merchandise that (frequently) is overpriced junk leftover from some
third-world warehouse; or 3) get nervous by smiling happy young Utahans
who insist their e-contempt is business-sense.  I am going to contact
the Attorney General's office in both my state and Utah regarding this
"company," which seems run by spoiled brats from their parents'

Re: OT? Editing Video

On 14 Feb 2005 02:06:29 -0800, mutefan@yahoo.com wrote:

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Nuance wich a non-tech person takes it literally - Mistake.

There is no shortcut. If you haven't done this before, first u gotta
undertand the language, then maybe what u read/people tell u start to
make sense, otherwise it's like talking to understand polish in 24

I recommend, what else, "Microsoft Windows Movie Maker for Dummies"
book. That would be a good place to start.

Of course if movie is what you are interested in and don't want to
have a degree nor the time for it, a MAC is what u want (by the way a
MAC in this context is of course an Apple brand McIntosh

Re: OT? Editing Video

Before I say anything else, is this video attorney work product or is it
evidence?  If it's evidence then you make _damn_ sure what you're doing is
acceptable before you mess with it if you want to keep your butt out of

That said, don't get hung up on the tools that come with your laptop and
your DVD drive.  They're probably crap.  If all you need is cut some
segments out and then burn to DVD then any number of programs will do that
for you--Nero 6.6 Ultra and Premiere Elements both come to mind--Premiere
Elements has a try before buy download but not sure what if anything is
disabled, Nero has a try before buy of the video editor on their site.  Of
the two, Nero is far more limited as a video editor but what it does it
does fairly simply--find what you want to cut, click cut mode, click start,
play on, click end, and it's cut.

mutefan@yahoo.com wrote:

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