OT = Dell Poweredge 2600 Server - $5.99

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I'm a thrift shop addict.  My house if full of it.

Sunday, I was perusing one of my favorite Community Thrift shops'
computer department and there was this big box with DELL on it.  It was
locked, but the key was attached to the back of it, so I figured, at
least, I could get into it when I got it home.  It was only $5.99, so
what the hell.

I'm now the proud owner of a Dell Poweredge 2600 Server running Windows
2003 Server with DUAL Xeon 3.0Ghz processors, 6GB RAM, Six 36GB 15000
RPM hot swap disk drives, two 60A power supplies that can crank a train
and have no idea what I'm gonna use it for...(c;]  $5.99  

Sitting on top of it, was the Quantum Snap Server high speed Ethernet
network storage with four (mirrored I'm sure) high speed drives that
plugs neatly into a special ethernet port, I believe, in the back of the
Poweredge.  I paid $1.99 to the thrift shop for it.

Dual Core desktop?  You want me to slow it down?!

I think I finally own a computer that won't balk the movie when email
checks its server....(c;]

What a beautiful machine.  AND IT WORKS!

Now I have to choose whether to sell it for fun and profit or load
Ubuntu or Win7 onto it and use it for a super desktop beast.  Starting
current from TWO AC circuits is 24A and running current specs at 6A, but
I don't know what load 6A represents loaded up with all this RAM, two
processors and SIX hard drives.  How much load is that video card?  

Sure sounds neat all those drives and fans making the Boeing 777 whines
as we're on our takeoff roll down the big runway....(c;]  Winding SIX
hard drives up to 15,000 RPM has a sound all its own!  Subtle it's NOT!


I once was given an IBM System 32 console, high speed chain printer, all
the manuals, OS and software for a small manufacturing operation.  It
came with 4 dumb terminals, massive fixed drives in the main console.  
It was simply taken out of service and replaced in running condition.  
We did print a box of paper in fairly record time but I never had the 3-
phase 408VAC at some god-awful current to fire off the whole system.  
Noone wanted it so we used a big ramp to put it into a big dumpster when
noone was looking a couple years later after stripping some great
capacitors and souvenir parts out of it.  One of its disk platters is
the clock in my office, now.  

This server seems to be more useful....


We're gonna need more bandwidth..................................

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