OT: Can I examine entries in backup of W98 Registry?

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Not really a laptop problem per se, but I'm getting no response from
alt.computer.workshop and thought that someone her may be able to help.

I have a defunct W98 system, for which I have a Ghost image of the system

I can no longer run the system, but would like to check some of the registry
keys. I can use Ghost Explorer to extract system.dat and user.dat to another

But can I then use Regedit or somesuch to examine these extracted files? My
understanding is that Regedit only operates on the current live registry.
Is this correct? Is there any way of pointing it at backup files instead?
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Re: OT: Can I examine entries in backup of W98 Registry?

I believe that there is a regedit command line syntax to have it work
with a set of registry files (system.dat and user.dat) other than the
ones actually running, but I have never used this feature and I don't
know what the syntax, which I was told of a couple of years ago, is.

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