OSD on the HP DV1045?

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Hi all!

I have a HP DV1045 laptop here, but not the original Windows software
that came with it. Most of it (drivers etc) I have obtained from
HP.com, but I am still missing OSD (on screen display) software for the
various special keys like sound volume & screen brightness.

Which software is used for this, and where do I download it?


Re: OSD on the HP DV1045?

Did you even TRY ?

How tough is this ? :
1.  www.hp.com
2. search for   DV1045
3. select DOWNLOAD
Whatever is listed is what's available online for free
4 . Product information  - Manuals - for how to's
Or look up the part number for the original CDs

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Re: OSD on the HP DV1045?

Did you even READ?   :-P

My message clearly states that I have been to hp.com and gotten
drivers/utils there... They just don't seem to have one for OSD
functionality. This is why I asked help with finding out which
driver/utility would provide the functionality...


- Bobb - wrote:
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Re: OSD on the HP DV1045?

Evert, I'm not being a wise-guy but THAT's what's available. Did you by
this used ? Are you sure your model even did that ? If it's software
that needs updating, the HP scan should detect it, but we can't do it
because it depends on your particular model - EA vs - XY etc

 From HP.com Website:

Use the following steps to locate the updated HP software and hardware
drivers and files.
Open a web browser and go to the HP.com site. http://www.hp.com
On the HP site, click on Software & Driver Downloads
Click on Start Detection to automatically detect product names/numbers.
On the Welcome to HP Product Detection window, click Continue to start
the detection process. The process may take a few minutes to complete.
If you prefer to manually search for information, enter the product
name/number and press Enter.
If there are multiple versions of the product, select the EXACT model
from the listing and press Enter.
If asked, choose the appropriate language and the operating system from
the listings and press Enter.
On the Software & Driver downloads window, select the link to the
desired Software & Driver download (Critical Issues, Suggestions for
Optimizing, Updates for Drive, BIOS and Software) documentation.

Still not finding what you're looking for?
 Contact HP  by clicking HERE
If it doesn't find it for free - click on that link and either talk to
someone or email them. They'll reply with a P/N for the CD or tell you
that it's not an option on your model etc.


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Re: OSD on the HP DV1045?

Evert wrote:
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You might have to delve a bit deeper into the description of the function
for the various drivers. Sometimes things like an OSD utility are part of a
display driver/utility suite of apps. and not a standalone program.

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Re: OSD on the HP DV1045?

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There is no OSD software for that model. Did you try the Windows settings
for those functions?


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