os wont start up

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hey guys,
my girlfriends dad has a acer travelmate 2480 running on windows Xp not
sure if
32 or 64 should think 32bit, he was useing it the other day, and
it pops up with
saying he has a virus, so he clicked it, it then delted
avg, then saying he has
a virus in something "cmd" and delted it and he
turned it off, accer screen
loadup... but takes ages to go off that
screen, once it does get off it, it
loads up with,

PXE-E61: media test failure, check cable ((WHAT cable?))
PXE-M0F: exiting PXE ROM
Operating system not found

and just sits there...
it didnt come with any back up cd's or anything, there is no way that
you can
preform like a reboot that i know off...

Any ideas?

Re: os wont start up


Basically, you are probably screwed.

Very likely, you have no choice but to reload Windows from scratch
(however you do it, there are many ways, but you will need media and a
product key (either or both of which you may have to buy).

It would be interesting to remove the hard drive from the computer and
look at it on another computer.  There might also be ways of restoring
it if you did that.  That said, if you knew enough to do that, you
wouldn't be asking the questions that you are asking.  You are likely to
need professional assistance.

sion wrote:
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Re: os wont start up

basickly,,, tryed reformating it with windows 7 didnt have none of it,
tryed windows xp, it come out with setup did not find any hard disk
installed in your computer,, does this mean that that the hard
drive is knackerd
and if i replaced it... it would work?

Re: os wont start up

sion typed on Fri, 23 Oct 2009 07:25:53 -0500:
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Hi! What did it say? It couldn't find a hard drive, or what?

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It depends on a lot of things. First, which OS came with the computer?
Also knowing the make and model would help us a lot. And I am thinking
the first thing to know is whether it is using a SATA drive or not. As
that could give no hard drive error when you try to install Windows XP.
Windows 7 or even Vista shouldn't have a problem. But for XP, many BIOS
you can be set up in ATA mode and then it will work. Do you know how to
get into the BIOS Setup?

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Re: os wont start up

If Win7 or Vista did find the hard drive, but XP didn't, it means you
need an "F6 Driver" because XP doesn't natively recognize SATA drives.
There may be an Emulation option in the BIOS.

sion wrote:
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Re: os wont start up

sion wrote on Thu, 22 Oct 2009 17:01:57 -0500:
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Check cables means it can't find anything bootable. The BIOS Setup
usually determines what devices will boot in what order. That is the
first place I would go to make sure the BIOS can see the drive. If it
can, that is a good sign that at least it has some signs of life.

Although what it sounds like is the system and boot files were infected
with a virus. Thus when the anti-virus deleted them, there goes your
bootable OS. In the right hands, it is still fixable. Which requires a
boot CD/DVD/Flash to replace the deleted files.

The easier method for almost everybody is just to use the recovery disc
or partition and to start for the factory state once again. This usually
wipes everything on the drive out though.

If there are stuff they want to save, the easiest way is to remove the
drive and place it into a cheap USB enclosure and read it from another
computer. Buy the right type, 2.5 inch vs. 3.5 inch and PATA or SATA. If
you don't have another computer, then a second hard drive will be
needed. And install Windows fresh on the new hard drive and use the USB
enclosure to copy files you need off of the old drive.

In the future, the USB enclosure and spare hard drive will come in handy
for making backups. There are some very good free ones available too.

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Re: os wont start up

sion (sion.40hbd6@no.email.invalid) wrote:

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